productivity tips

productivity is a word that has been thrown around a lot recently. to some, it means checking things off your list of to do's. for others, being productive might mean working smarter not harder. whatever the word means to you, staying focused, motivated, and productive has been quite the challenge over the past several months. with school on zoom and work from your kitchen island, it can be hard to feel like you're getting things done. here are some tips to boost your productivity!

1. take breaks

this is so important! i find that i am able to get things done when i only focus for short periods of time. on my phone, i have an app called forest. you can set a timer (i usually do around 25 or 30 minutes) and start working. as you work, a tree starts to grow. if you touch your phone, your tree dies. it sounds silly, but it actually helps me to do my work without mindlessly scrolling on social media or getting distracted by phone notifications.

2. tackle the hardest thing on your to do list first

i'm sure you've heard this one before, but it's such a good strategy. once you can check off the hardest item on your list, you will feel so accomplished and encouraged to keep going!

3. know your most productive time of the day

take advantage of when you are feeling the most motivated and inspired. for me, that is usually in the morning! i have identified that i hit a slump around 1-2 pm, just after lunch.

4. sleep

recharging is so important! sleep is an integral part of success. if you are overworking and burning the midnight oil, your performance will actually be hindered - not to mention you will likely burn out. make sure to get seven or eight hours of sleep whenever possible.

5. be kind to yourself

this is something that i am always working on. some days are more productive than others, and that's okay! remember that rest/relaxing days are productive, too!

i hope you found some of these tips helpful.

emily busby